Do we already know each other?


I was born in Slovenia in 1978 and I’ve been riding a motorcycle since I was 9 years old.

In my racing career I raced in Motocross and Supercross races all over the world alongside the greatest champions and I was Tiscali Honda Martin Racing Team rider with teammates Christian Beggi and Brian Jorgensen, in the year in which Tony Cairoli also joined the team. 

Injury forced me to step away from...​

Later in 2006 a hand injury forced me to step away from competition so I retired from professional racing.

After that I started my MX School in Slovenia and when I finally fixed my wrist at Dr. Schenk in Austria I also started to collaborating with Akrapovic as a test rider.

In 2015 I moved to Brazil with my family where I did participate for fun in the national championship in the MX3 class for Honda IMS Team and in 2016 I won the title.

I decided to stop racing...​

At the end of the season I decided to stop racing and continued with my Mx Schools.

I was collaborating with Kawasaki Rota K Team to follow some young and promising riders and as well with some other Brazilian riders.

During 2018, for family reasons, I decided to return to live in Europe while continuing the collaboration with some Brazilian riders.

Who was my coach over racing career?​

The one I learned over my career racing the highest level of our sport and from the great Jani Sitar (a rider of Jacky Vimond) and Georges Jobè.

What I'm doing now?​

When I came back to Slovenia I found many guys with whom I had already worked and it was easy to find myself back on the track to make my experience as a rider available to others.

At the moment I have private and group lessons, in Slovenia and in Italy in the Milan area.

My trainings are not always based on the use of the stopwatch, but are focused on riding technique.